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(Please email me for more specific details than you find below)

WEDDING VIDEO PACKAGES : BEGIN AT $350 for 2 hours footage, 3 copies of your dvd and all original footage. Package pricing depends on locations and an other extras, such as a slideshow, A Love Story or if you are adding additional locations or hours.
{Deposit is required and will be half of the entire payment}

(I no longer offer a “same day edit” of the temple to show at the reception)

**WEDDING CEREMONY** – Keep in mind that if you are doing a ceremony, and if you are wanting a good video AND clear audio of what is said then I HIGHLY recommend a 2nd camera. Contact me for pricing details -


FAMILY FILM SESSION:  $150.00 (if session is further than 20 min from my home in Herriman, your session will cost $200)

SLIDESHOW : (150 pictures or less) $200.00

CONVERTING VHS or Camcorder tapes to DVD: 

$12.00 per tape (up to 2 hours) = will receive a DVD with chapters, regular dvd case and labels.  This also includes putting the file on your external hard drive (which I highly URGE you to do)

$7 per tape (up to 2 hours) = no editing at all...just a straight transfer to DVD with no case, no labels.  Will also put the file on your external hard drive (which I highly URGE you to do!)

$5.00 per tape (up to 2 hours) = If you ONLY want the tapes put on your hard drive so that you can edit them yourself and burn to DVD yourself.  No DVD included

If you want copies of the converted discs with cases, it will be $5.00 for each additional DVD copy

**Time it takes to return tapes to you will depend on how many tapes you need converted and how busy I am at the time. Email me for an estimate** 

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